Imagine flying 39,000 feet up in an airplane when it suddenly begins nosediving and rolling in mid-air. For aerobatic pilot John Piggot, this is a rush he’s enjoyed while performing for more than 30 years. If you’ve gone to any air show in the Bay Area over the last three decades, there’s a good chance John was performing with his Sukhoi airplane.

John began training as an aerobatic pilot 44 years ago. He took his passion for flight on the road and was a regular at the San Francisco Fleet Week Air Shows, where he performed rolls, dips and twists in his plane for thousands of onlookers.

Now living at Stoneridge Creek senior living community and surpassing his 75th birthday, John is still soaring, and maintains his love for air adventure. He stores his plane a short drive away from the community, and in any given week, you’ll find him flying alongside his wife. His passion for planes runs so deep, it’s spread throughout his family, and there are now six family members who have a pilot’s license.

While John no longer performs in air shows, he still loves flying, and he enjoys sharing stories with his new friends at Stoneridge Creek.