How should the U.S respond to Russia’s foreign policy? What’s behind the rise in “fake news” in today’s society? These are some of the hot-button issues residents at Stoneridge Creek discuss and debate for one hour every week. The Great Decisions class takes on sensitive global topics, and its members come together in a civil discourse to weigh in on these topics.

Forty residents make up the group. Some are former professors, Army generals and experts in their fields of study. All of them rely on their life experience to tackle the pros and cons of the issues. The group often welcomes local experts to add perspective in the open forum.

This club is one of many lifelong learning opportunities provided by Stoneridge Creek, a senior living community in Pleasanton. Continuing education and discussions like these have been found to keep the brain active and help combat memory loss.

Past issues included debates on global trade, foreign policy and the war on terror. In May, they’ll cover another difficult subject: America’s strength in the world.