Residents at Stoneridge Creek senior living community are spending some of their time giving back, and they’re getting some unexpected and heartwarming support from a 7-year-old.

Residents and staff at Stoneridge Creek are making face covers, headbands and bandanas for the health professionals in the adjacent health center, CreekView, and throughout the community. So far, they’ve created and donated 100 pieces, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. The group is determined to meet their goal of 1,000 donations and vowed that as long as people need these items, they’ll make them.

“I started hearing about the need for essential employees to wear masks at work,” said Stoneridge Creek Activities Director Susan Filice. “I contacted the quilting group, which is very active here, and they said, ‘We’re on it,’ and it became a cottage industry here at Stoneridge Creek.”

Each resident makes the items in their apartment. To ensure items are clean and ready to use, residents leave the items outside their doors, and a team member then picks them up and washes them so they’re ready to be delivered to various departments on campus.

Little did the residents know they would soon receive a gift in return. That gift came from a first-grader named Arya, who was determined to keep spirits high among residents at the community. First, Arya sent handmade cards to the residents with messages such as “Love will hold us together through the storm” and “This too shall pass.” It doesn’t stop there — Arya sent the residents a video of her singing the well-known uplifting song “Tomorrow.” She has also volunteered to be a pen pal for a number of residents.

“It is amazing how wonderful this has been for all of us as a family,” said Arya’s mother, Neha. “We get to connect with such amazing people who we would never have been able to know otherwise. They are so loving, and there is such positivity.”

Paying it forward has come full circle for residents at Stoneridge Creek. Neha said becoming acquainted with Stoneridge Creek has enriched Arya’s life while she is missing school and being with her friends. Susan noted that receiving Arya’s drawings has helped in the efforts to keep things upbeat at Stoneridge Creek.

Arya Chau, 7, creates colorful drawings with inspirational sayings that she sends to the residents at Stoneridge Creek.

One of the many handmade cards Arya has created for Stoneridge Creek residents.

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