Stoneridge Creek resident walking her dog

COVID-19 has created a perfect storm for people struggling with weight loss. Over the last six months, stories from across the country have covered the Quarantine 15 and people putting on the pounds during the pandemic. But this isn’t the case for Stoneridge Creek resident Betsy Smith. During her seven months in quarantine, she has shed 25 pounds, and she’s hoping to keep that momentum going.

The 79-year-old has struggled with her weight for most of her life. She says this pandemic has given her the chance to take exercise and fitness to new levels.

Every day, Betsy walks at least a mile around the Stoneridge Creek campus with her dog. She follows that up with two fitness classes every week-day afternoon. These classes are taught by Stoneridge Creek instructors, and she livestreams them from the comfort of her home. 

“I turned my spare bedroom into a fitness studio,” Betsy told The Pleasanton Weekly. “I use my 27-inch iMac, and it feels like it’s just the teacher and me – with my dog watching me.”

Along with classes, she swims laps in the campus pool and does personal training.

“Stoneridge Creek has a variety of wonderful classes, a mixture of stretching, strength and aerobics,” she said.

Betsy has enjoyed taking advantage of all the activities and amenities provided at the community she’s called home for three years. Despite the pandemic, she says she’s feeling great emotionally and physically because of the protection offered at the community.

Betsy says she’s impressed with the perseverance and ingenuity of the staff to offer the residents unique ways to stay active, safe, and happy during the pandemic.

 You can read more about Betsy and her fitness routine in The Pleasanton Weekly.