Resident gardening at Stoneridge CreekOn Thursday, April 22, Stoneridge Creek residents celebrated Earth Day with a fun event in one of the large gardens.

As you take in the views along the walking trails at Stoneridge Creek, you’ll notice the 46-acre Pleasanton senior living community is full of lush greenery, beautiful flower beds, and sparkling waterfalls. All this is made possible by the green initiative the community promoted more than eight years ago.

Stoneridge Creek maintains a recycled water program with the city of Pleasanton. It aims to help the city achieve its conservation goal of reducing consumption by 10%. Along with the recycled water program, the community is full of avid recyclers and gardeners, including Stoneridge Creek resident Carolyn Pasco.

Carolyn and her husband refer to themselves as “master recyclers.” Around the community, you’ll find recycle locations aimed at reducing everyone’s carbon footprint and protecting the earth. Carolyn is also involved in the large gardening program at the community. Over the last three years, she’s planted herbs, broccoli, and other produce. She’s one of the more than 100 residents involved in the program.

On April 22, the community hosted a resident-run Earth Day event. Residents gathered in one of the gardens to enjoy conversations with their neighbors and live music. Residents like Audrey Lord-Hausman were excited to show off their personal gardens, which includes celery and other vegetables.