resident dressing as film icon for photoshoot A group of Stoneridge Creek residents dress as film and fashion icons for photoshoot

A group of Stoneridge Creek residents is exploring their theatrical side as they portray some of the most well-known film and fashion icons in history. Frank Sinatra, Liza Minelli, Charlie Chaplin, and others came to life at Stoneridge Creek during a two-day resident-run, celebrity-inspired photo shoot.

“Creativity has always been an important aspect of life at Stoneridge Creek,” said the community’s Life Enrichment Director Susan Filice. “Residents stepped out of the box and recreated these characters. This was a fun distraction and activity for some of the residents to get involved in.”

The photoshoot included 17 resident actors and three resident photographers. The photos will be used in a 2022 calendar. Each month will have a unique theme with a different photo for each month. The ideas include a “Dancing in the Rain”-inspired photo with a husband and wife playing Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds, and a resident playing Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra.

Cossette Sun was so excited to dress up like one of her icons, Audrey Hepburn. “I’ve always loved Audrey’s movies and admired her for the charitable work she did,” said 83-year-old Sun. “It was such a lovely opportunity to dress up like her, even for a short time.”

The photoshoot comes months after 99% of the Stoneridge Creek residents received their COVID-19 vaccinations. Since March, the community has slowly and safely reopened events and activities for residents to enjoy. This photoshoot is one of many opportunities residents have to connect with one another again.

The details of the photoshoot took months to plan. Once each resident actor volunteer was selected, Filice took headshots of each and compared the photo to the actual celebrity scene they’ll portray. “So many of these residents are so easy to mold into the character we picked for them,” said Filice. “We could see similarities in some folks that made them a great cast for a particular character.”

Along with the character, Filice and her team decided on costumes, backgrounds, props, and set design. Professional hair and makeup stylists will be on hand to prepare the residents for their big scenes. After the photoshoot, the photographers will edit the images and send them to Filice, who will design the calendar. Each of the 565 resident homes will receive a 2022 calendar.

“This has been so much fun to put together,” claims Filice. “It’s wonderful to be together again. At the end of this year, I know these residents will look at these calendars and remember what a great year it was and look forward to 2022.”