Ray Rychnovsky

If you’ve ever taken a tour of the 46-acre Stoneridge Creek campus, you may have noticed the paintings of hawks, egrets, and foxes displayed on the passageway that connects residents to the main hall. These paintings were inspired by Stoneridge Creek resident and wildlife photographer Ray Rychnovsky’s photos.  

“I took photos of each of these animals on one of my walks at Stoneridge Creek,” says Rychnovsky. “It’s so amazing to see wildlife around the area and be able to capture them with a lens.”   

The giant nine-panel mural titled “Stoneridge Arcade” was completed in 2018. Since then, Rychnovsky has continued his passion for taking photos and has won numerous local and national photography contests. Interestingly enough, photography was something the retired engineer picked up after moving into Stoneridge Creek.   

“I take photos around the campus every two to three days. I tell my wife I’m going for a walk, and if I’m lucky, I’ll get a few photos,” Rychnovsky chuckles.  

Rychnovsky has called Stoneridge Creek home for the past seven years. Over the course of that time, he and his wife have been very involved in numerous activities, including working in the woodshop, participating in an exercise program, and attending art classes.  

He says the support system and worry-free lifestyle he enjoys at Stoneridge Creek allow him to comfortably pursue his passions, like photography and creating a new patent for a device that measures trolling depth.  

“Stoneridge Creek has provided me the time and space to enjoy things I never had time to do before,” said Rychnovsky. “The people at Stoneridge Creek are some of the most active people I’ve ever met. We’re so happy we made the decision to move here.” 

Rychnovsky says he decided on Stoneridge Creek because of the plethora of amenities and activities, as well as having access to long-term care at the adjacent CreekView Health Center, should they ever need it.   

“I always tell people it’s important you evaluate what’s most important to you,” says Rychnovsky. “For us, Stoneridge Creek was the surest way to get through life without having to worry about finances again. Our family knows we have the assurance that everything will be OK financially.”  

That comfort allows Rychnovsky to enjoy more time taking photos around the campus.  

“I look forward every day to enjoying the quality of life we have at Stoneridge Creek,” adds Rychnovsky. “Everything is first-class here. Why wait to move in when you can enjoy everything now?”