Originally published in the Pleasanton, CA Patch
Author: Sara Schaefer, Patch Staff
Posted: Friday, March 25, 2022

Fitness involvement went up by 25 percent and less falls occurred thanks to a workout regimen at Stoneridge Creek in Pleasanton.

Resident exercising in gym

The workout regime includes activities ranging from lifting weights and medicine balls to doing jumping jacks. (Stoneridge Creek )

PLEASANTON, CA —Residents at Stoneridge Creek are crediting a fitness program launched in February of 2021 for increasing their health and getting them more active during the pandemic. The My Vitality Program has changed the lives of more than 500 seniors who participated in the program on a weekly and monthly basis, the residential community said. The results even had a hand in preventing falls.

“During the beginning of the pandemic, we started noticing more falls around campus, and we wanted to combat this as soon as possible,” Stoneridge Creek Fitness Coordinator and program creator Roy Fowler said. The boot camp-like drills happen in the community’s courtyard and include activities ranging from lifting medicine balls to doing jumping jacks.

Fowler started the program with the goal of improving fitness in the community and preventing falls due to lack of exercise during the pandemic.

“The My Vitality Program encourages everyone, no matter what their stage of fitness, to get active,” Fowler said. “It was a way to create an all-inclusive area where those who had originally been reluctant to go to the on-site Stoneridge Creek gym were encouraged to learn about ways they could achieve their health goals.

Audrey Lord-Hausman, a resident of the community, met with a trainer twice a week for 30-minute sessions and definitely noticed a change. “The trainer shows me different methods to catch myself before I fall, and we work on ways to get up off the floor. I truly see a difference in my overall balance and my strength,” she said.

Since launching the program, the community saw a 25 percent increase in fitness involvement. They were even recognized by the Journal on Active Aging and received the Spirit Award for commitment to the variety of fitness programming during Active Aging Week in September and throughout the year.

Many residents acknowledged that over the course of the pandemic, it became clearer than ever that fitness had to be a top priority. It’s safe to say, they’ve taken it seriously.

“As we age, our energy levels change,” Lord-Hausman said. “Since starting the program, I have more energy. People notice I move differently. I feel terrific. I guess you can say I don’t have a hitch in my giddyup anymore.”

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