Notice to Prospective Residents, Applicants for Admission, Current Residents, and Other Consumers – Collection of Personal Information (For California Residents Only)

The California Consumer Privacy Act as amended and supplement by the California Privacy Rights Act (“CCPA/CPRA”) requires us to inform consumers about the categories of personal information we may collect and the reasons for collecting it. This Notice only applies to California residents. 

The purpose of collecting personal information about you is to better understand interest and assist us to respond and/or provide services effectively.  When you visit our website, request information, communicate with members of our team, or apply for admission, we may collect some or all of the following categories of personal information about you.  Further information may be disclosed by you and collected by us during the admission process or while living in the community and accessing resources and services for those purposes.

  • Identifiers such as your legal name, aliases, mailing address, unique personal identifiers, email address, telephone number, and other demographic or identifying information.

  • Customer information such as voluntarily provided financial, medical, or insurance information disclosed in connection with your interest in the community, review of qualifications for admission, or your use of community resources and services.

  • Voluntary self-disclosure information regarding minority, veteran, or disability status, education, or employment history.

  • Electronic activity information gathered from your searches on our website or use of internal resident portals (i.e. “cookies”).

  • Geolocation data such as where you are accessing the website from.

The company collects this information to assist with your interest in the community, determine qualifications for admission, provide services, and comply with applicable laws and regulations.


While exploring your interest in the community, during the admission process, or over the course of living in the community, you may provide, and we may collect some or all of the following categories of sensitive personal information.

  • Social security, driver’s license, or state identification.

  • Voluntary self-disclosure of information regarding racial or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, or sexual orientation if provided by you. 

  • Voluntary self-disclosure of health information in connection with exploring interest in the community, application for admission, or use of community services.

If any sensitive personal information is collected, it is only used to comply with applicable laws and regulations or to perform services reasonably expected by consumers requesting such services.  Sensitive personal information is not collected or processed with the purpose of inferring characteristics about a consumer.

Personal information, including any sensitive personal information collected, is retained for the amount of time required to comply with the applicable laws and regulations governing retention of the information and in order to continue to perform services reasonably expected by the average consumer.

For questions or concerns about our privacy practices, including how you may exercise your right to correct any inaccurate personal information, please contact the Human Resources department or review the complete Privacy Policy located on the community’s website.